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Medical and scientific sectors

Cohesion specialises in producing medical animation and live-action filming for the medical and scientific sectors. We are perfectly suited for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, and Public Health sectors.


We can transform complex scientific concepts into concise visual solutions that clearly articulate core messages and achieve the scientific accuracy essential to demonstrate pharmaceutical and medical concepts and products.

Our adept animations and video visual assets can be utilised to immersive audiences by bringing your scientific messaging to life and creating concise and engaging content that makes even the most complex pharmaceutical concept clear. 

Our high-end visual assets can also create seamless and heightened engagement. We can help you to cultivate a professional and reliable marketing outlook that elevates your company and impresses and inspires potential clients, patients, investors, and other interested parties.



Our bespoke high-end visualisations can be utilised to communicate scientific storytelling that educates and inspires, supporting highly scientific concepts and elevating your company within the market. 

Our animations use precise messaging to uniquely appeal and engage with audiences, with multi-dimensional animations that transform complex concepts or ordinary products into clear visual assets that offer realism and enhance engagement, leaving a lasting impression.  

Medical Devices

We can showcase your medical devices with high-quality promotional videos and more detailed product demos. Videos and animation can also be used to provide detailed instructional and training resources. 

At Cohesion, every project is designed with our client’s individual needs in mind. We enable complex scientific and technological information to be relayed into a deliverable asset that can elevate your company and its products or services to a new level of understanding for your audience. 

Public Health

From complex to essential information, Cohesion can create clear and consistent visual assets that can augment public health communications and enhance engagement from patients, staff, and the wider public.  

Our animations have various capabilities to convey a range of important information in captivating formats that directly appeal to patients and staff, and can support public health communications enabling patients to understand certain conditions, drugs, procedures, or devices. 

With animations, complex and even unsettling medical procedures can be deconstructed and presented to your patients in a simple, accurate, and understandable way.

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For high-end, precise 3D and 2D animations, and exceptional video marketing, Cohesion Animation can help.