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Animation for the pharmaceutical, medical & scientific sectors

Cohesion Studios works directly with clients to develop and produce high quality, bespoke, immersive, and scientifically accurate 3D animations.

The 3D animation industry has rapidly developed in recent years and is a popular medium for healthcare communications that can serve a variety of purposes and is a vital asset that can elevate a companies positioning within the wider market. Cohesion Studios delivers your scientific expertise through enriched, memorable, and high-quality animations that can demonstrate precise and complex processes, clearly, to your target audiences.

Cohesion develops visually compelling projects that can amplify and effectively communicate a variety of messaging for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical industries.

Featured Animation

For the healthcare industry, most of the drug, medical and scientific research in its infancy stage has limited or inadequate visual resources, which is problematic when developing accurate messaging for wider audiences. But with the latest 3D technology, Cohesion Studios can visually illustrate different diseases (MoD), and effectively demonstrate how they impact the body (MoA) using bespoke 3D anatomical animations that are detailed, but clear.

Medical industries also struggle to effectively communicate the complex mechanisms of the human body, and the use of effective and innovative animations work to create accurate visualisations of the depths and intricacies of the science on a scale and detail that cannot be replicated with other technology. We can develop animations that explore detailed cell structures, making complex biological processes and medical concepts straight-forward, informative, and fascinating.

3D animations can further work to illustrate medical procedures that are otherwise hard to witness, creating a bespoke animation that can inform and reassure key audiences, as well as enabling them to connect with the procedures in an environment they feel comfortable in, and at their own pace.

Cohesion Studios can develop animations that can unveil new medical devices and technologies, constructing insightful animations that can demonstrate how the technology can be implemented, and the internal workings of the technology. Our animations can demonstrate to your teams, patients, industry professionals, and the wider public how and where new technology can work effectively with visuals that can provide a depth of knowledge through a memorable asset.

Our expertise and industry knowledge combines the creative and scientific content to produce striking, insightful projects. In recent years, our work has ranged from innovative technology demos, architectural walk-throughs, to full world character design and animation for a global clientele, from the Discovery Channel to medical representations.

We are also proficient in producing bespoke 2D graphics, which are ideal for educating, informing and reassuring your patients, or healthcare professionals. 2D graphics are strong visual assets that can quickly communicate necessary information or a complex idea in a memorable, accessible, and clear format.

We find that 2D animation is particularly beneficial for bringing data and information to life, and our dedicated teams are experts in crafting powerful, visual identities that communicate complex messaging with clarity and creativity.

At Cohesion, our bespoke animations and graphics are amenable for a variety of niche purposes:

Animations can illustrate how complex conditions and diseases affect the body, in scientifically accurate depth that enlightens viewers.

Animations create accurate visualisations of the depths and intricacies of science on a scale and detail that can assist with training or explanatory purposes.

Animations are great for demonstrating how new technology can work, and where it could be implemented, ideal for demos and training purposes.

Graphics are ideal for bringing data to life, from simplifying a patient’s medical journey to clear explainer videos for complex concepts.

In the current landscape, our bespoke 3D and 2D animations are perfectly positioned to evolve with rising trends, and can elevate your company within the heavily promoted market to the forefront of customer’s minds. Essential information and intricate processes can be presented through clear, appealing visual assets that elevate your company’s identity, enhance patient’s engagement, and educate and inform your staff using cutting-edge technology that does not compromise on the intricacies and depths of knowledge.

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