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Film Production

Film marketing for the medical sector

With years of experience, the team at Cohesion Studios has a long history of producing film marketing for the medical and scientific sectors.

To succeed in the digital world and stay connected to your audience, it’s vital to find creative approaches to stand out from the crowd. Using film marketing is one of the best ways to engage your audience and educate them about what you do. Accessible, easy to digest, and entertaining, a well crafted film can instantly capture attention and increase your brand’s visibility.

Cohesion brings challenging medical and scientific concepts to life. We have produced films that provide detailed technical visualisations, or more simplified explanations depending on your target audience. We will tell your story through eye-catching, video assets whilst making complex concepts attractive and easy to digest.

Our film content is adaptable and accessible, and will give you a powerful lead over your competition. Our team of experienced film-makers will work with you to produce films of the highest quality, that tell your story in exactly the right way.

Featured films

For the healthcare sector, film is an extremely effective way to connect with a variety of audiences, including medical and scientific professionals, patients, and the wider public, and our film packages are the perfect medium to communicate complex and sometimes sensitive information in an effective and understandable way.

Examples of healthcare videos include: peer-to-peer information, content for training, product demos of medical devices, instructional and how-to films, patient journey films, public information films, case studies and testimonials.

Our expertise in creating television adverts and documentaries in both long and short form, gives us the vital industry understanding to assist with any film project. Our talented team works closely with our clients to make all storyboard ideas and concepts a reality.

When producing medical films we combine creativity with the required clinical accuracy, using the right tone of voice, visuals and appropriate language; and we understand the importance of patient privacy and commercial confidentiality.

We have worked with companies of all sizes, on a huge variety of projects. Our expertise in providing scientific filmography and digital solutions has enabled us to collaborate with businesses of all sizes to produce impactful films for a plethora of uses.

Promote new medical devices and technology, as well as detailing how to use them.

Assist training in healthcare and medical organisations by explaining new procedures and demonstrating best practice

Document case studies and help to raise awareness about public health issues.

Answer patient’s FAQs about their diagnoses, treatment and care.