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We start by asking lots of questions, so we can fully understand your objectives. For example: What is the purpose of the animation? Who is the audience? What is your budget? What is your time frame? What source materials and references can you provide?


We work with you to develop the script for the project. The script consists of more than just the voice-over copy, crucially it has suggestions on how it will be illustrated.


Then we provide more detail on how the story will be told. We would prepare a static storyboard for your approval, and then an animatic to help you get an idea of the timings.


If the animation is 3D, we create the wireframe models; they are then textured.


A draft version of the animation is created in full to review the timings. Once approved the animation is finalised and sound effects added.


To fully understand your goals and objectives, we start by asking lots of questions. What's the purpose of the video(s)? Who's your target audience? What reaction do you want to elicit from viewers? What's your time frame? What's your budget range?


If the video’s narrative relies on a voice-over a script is drafted; if it's driven by interviews the questions are prepared. Then a storyboard is created to visualise the structure and style of the video.


Once the concept has been agreed it's time to organise the logistics; scouting and booking locations; casting actors and sourcing props, if required; booking crew and equipment; and preparing the Call Sheet and Production Schedule.


This stage involves filming the content, which might include interviews, studio-based product shots, choreographed scenes, and general b-roll, depending on the nature of the videos.


The captured footage is edited, and visual effects, graphics, music and sound effects are added, as are any animations and a voice-over, if part of the project. The colours are graded and the audio mixed. There will be an agreed number of edit rounds, where feedback is provided and amendments are made.

Working together

One of the keys to creating successful medical animations, is establishing a close working relationship with our clients. This collaboration enables the combination of our creativity, storytelling, and animation skills with their medical and scientific expertise to produce effective and engaging content.


There is no simple cost per minute for every project. There are so many variables. At the beginning of the process when discussing a brief, we ask about the budget. We need to know the parameters we are working with to be able to suggest suitable creative approaches.

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