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The team at Cohesion Studios has over 20 years of experience in effortlessly intertwining the worlds of science, technology and creativity.

Based in the heart of England - Stratford-upon-Avon, Cohesion has created a variety of bespoke assets, ranging from high-end medical animations to illustrating innovative technologies.

We pride ourselves in collaborating directly with clients to tailor our films and animations to their specific needs. We can also white-label our services for marketing companies.

We strive to deliver on quality and excellence within the healthcare industry. At the core of every production is our commitment to connecting the complex messaging and science behind your concepts and technologies and translating them to your audiences with precision and clarity.

We believe that our visuals and dynamic content can truly transform a clients perception, whether in the biotech, pharmaceutical, or medical devices industries. Our animations focus and emphasize the benefits of clients’ products or services, and we deliver them through educational, entertaining, and engaging viewing experiences for your audiences.

Our team of creatives work to deliver excellence time and time again, with a depth of experience in communications and science that provides a vital foundation to every project. We start each project with a conversation, working extensively with our clients to help form their concept, and develop key visualisations to suit their needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Cohesion is perfectly positioned to weave original and compelling storytelling into each piece of content we produce, and we work together with clients to create realistic and achievable goals for their projects.

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